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The Curious Incident of Everett Wilder

A boy named Everett discovers a jackalope at his birthday party, and he becomes obsessed with catching the uncatchable horned rabbit.



Nate Ruth as Everett Wilder (child)

Nate Ruth is a young artist with a knack for sculpture, photography and drawing. He is a big fan of movies, and the craft behind them. Nate was making connections between Kirusowa's Seven Samurai, and Pixar's A Bug's Life by third grade. He is also a big fan of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Coming from a home with two working artists, acclaimed graphic novelist Greg Ruth, and master jeweler, Jen Smith, Nate has spent his entire life immersed in the arts. This is Nate's short film debut. 

Ry Armstrong as Everett Wilder (Adult)

Ry Armstrong is an American, genderqueer actor who was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by nature and the arts. Their upbringing, which did contain both white and male-presenting privilege, was full of arts education and ultimately compelled them to follow a career in storytelling. Shortly after finishing an undergraduate degree in theater arts, they moved from Emerald City to the Big Apple and quickly became involved, as an actor, in productions Off-Broadway and in regional houses across the country. Complementary to their acting, their focus lies on their international creative endeavors of producing and writing new works of art to be experienced on the stage and screen.


Vanessa Libbey as Lucy Hayworth (adult)

Vanessa Libbey is a classically trained singer and actress from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She holds a bachelor's in vocal performance from Luther College (2014). In addition to Classical music, she regularly performs Broadway and Jazz. She recorded the premiere of Denice Rippentrop’s album If: What do I Know About Calvary Love?, a song cycle based on the poetry of Amy Carmichael. In addition to singing, Vanessa is an actress whose work spans comedic and classical endeavors. She works in film and voiceover, and is an avid storyteller whose performances have earned her many titles, including Wisconsin State Champion with the National Forensics League. Vanessa puts her storytelling to good use, volunteering in NYC public schools, where she teaches kids the joys of reading. You can find her performing all over New York City, where she lives. Additionally, Vanessa is a gifted calligrapher and has recently started a calligraphy company.

Ripley Dresser as Lucy Hayworth (child)

Ripley is an avid actor/dancer who performs regularly in local theater, a singer with the youth choir at the Second Congregational Church in Greenfield, MA, and she recently played the title character in Annie at the Shea Performing Arts Center. Ripley is excited to make her short film debut as Alice Carter in A Home for Curiosities alongside her costar Nate.

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