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Screen Partners

One of the really rewarding aspects of working with young actors is watching them grow and evolve as creators. Over the course of three films we were lucky to work with a pair of really talented kid actors who were tasked with creating a relationship onscreen. The first time they were perfect strangers and by film three they groaned at having to hold hands.

Curious Incident of Everett Wilder

With the first set of characters of Everett and Lucy the idea was that it was an awkward first meeting and schoolyard crush. By not having them meet beforehand it was a bit of a risk but it paid off with a very endearing scene. The idea came from Lucy Pevensie seeing the iconic lamp post for the first time in Chronicles of Narnia, which was a moment where the actress was blindfolded to ensure a really genuine reaction.

A Home for Curiosities

In this film a bit more was required of the connection with the new pair of characters. The kids knew each other from the previous film so there was at least some history to build on. There was still a bit of a fish out of water type of approach to the relationship building, but the shoot time was also a bit longer so there was more time to develop a connection.

Hugh and The Statue

In Hugh, Nate and Ripley once again play characters going out on a first date. The film involves a mime who falls for a human statue. They connect in this dream space that tangles with silent film tropes. The fact both kids became teenagers shifted the dynamic considerably. Playing a couple came with new variables and forseeable groans and moans––especially hand holding. Costume

choices also came with more groans and moans.

The unintended timelapse we got going led to some moments that ended up making it into the film, such as Ripley helping Nate adjust his bowtie.

The latest film culminated in some ridiculous costumes and documented this disjointed but somehow connected scene partnership.

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